S1, Ep 3. Tamsin Chubb @littlefrenchretreat

I loved this conversation with Tamsin. She’s a yoga teacher, coach and ayurvedic practitioner and she runs retreats from her home in SW France. We discuss the role grief played in her decision to move here and how, after 7 years in France, she has been changed by the slower pace of life and by living so close to nature. We talk about how covid has changed her business, her journey of being a vegetarian in France and what Ayurveda is all about. We chat about finding community in French and in English, the French language of course (we both learnt by osmosis which we do not recommend!) and how acceptance has played a big part in settling here.

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After being an expat in France for 7 years, Tamsin reflects on her journey and how 2020 has changed her work.

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