S1, Ep 8. Shannon Pratuch The Ultimate French property matchmaker

Shannon is an American who fell in love with France on a work trip and then strategically planned her move here over the following years. Having closed her business in the US Shannon made the leap to live in France and dove into the immigration and visa process all whilst setting up her business here as an estate agent/realtor (Covid gave her some time to pivot and set things up).

Shannon gives great advice about how to find the right home and area of France for you - not just the logistics and budget considerations but the emotional elements of how we navigate moving to a new country. We talk about city and country life, making friends with French and English speaking people and how she recommends people rent before they buy.

There’s so much great insight in this episode and not just for immigrants such as, ‘Change is not something to be afraid of’, and ‘Never make assumptions’. Wise words. Enjoy!

I am French is hosted by Karen French (yup, that’s my real surname)

Karen French

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Shannon Pratuch

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Shannon joins me to talk buying a house in France, finding a home and she drops some great gems of wisdom from what she's learnt from moving to France permanently. 

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