S1, Ep 6. Kate Hill @katedecamont

Whereas most of us caught a plane to get here or maybe drove, my guest this week has the most original means of arriving in France...by barge.

Kate Hill is a cook, teacher and writer who has lived in Gasgony, SW France for over 30 years. We talk about how she learnt French cooking, the language and how she has become integrated into her community.

We talk about her identity as an American, where she feels at home and her ability to be ‘nimble’ in these trying times. Kate reflects on her new challenges with teaching online but also how it has inspired new projects. With the re-release of her 1989 book The Culinary Journey in Gascony - now available as an e-book - she’s able to create video content to bring her recipes to life.

We talk about all things seasonal, regional, veggies and broth and also, the beauty of the traditional food practices she has learnt. Kate is full of heart, she loves the artistry of cooking and it shows. When I asked her why she came to France she replied, “the better question is why have I stayed!”, and whilst she feels ‘mega American’ (love that!) she feels truly at home in her 18th-century house by the water where she first arrived and where her barge still sits. Oh and it’s for sale if you’re interested!

Interweb info:

Kate Hill

Website: kitchenatcamont.com

IG: @katedecamont

Selected Resources from this episode:

  • Order Kate’s e-book A Culinary Journey in Gascony here.
  • Join Kate’s cooking classes online here.
  • Listen to my ExpatFamilies podcast episode here.  All about my immigrant and parenting journey - in French!

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