S1, Ep 1. Laura Harley from @frugalfrance

For the very first episode, I’m joined by the lovely Laura Harley: a therapist and writer who moved to the Haute Vienne region of France in 2018.

Through her blog Frugal France Laura shares how she and her husband live in France on a budget. We talk about her work as a therapist, the internet and how things have changed because of Covid.

Laura also shares the progress she’s making on doing up her house: including it being so ‘au natural’ that the weather reading can be made inside and a creepy story about what she found in her attic! [Spoiler alert: I joked, ‘Dead bodies?’ and she replied, ‘No, worse!’] Merde!

We discuss her thoughts on frugal living, mental health, money trauma and figuring out the French language - the latter will be a recurring subject I think!

With her potager and chickens, we talk about all things re. seasonal living and the comfort food we love to order from England. Marmite anyone?

I am French is hosted by Karen French (yup, that’s my real surname)

Laura Harley

Website www.frugalfrance.com

IG / FB @frugalfrance

Selected links from this episode:

1€ insulation https://www.french-property.com/news/build_renovation_france/financial_assistance_roof_insulation/

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Therapist expat in France, Laura Harley talks mental health, frugality & renovating her house.

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