S1, Ep. 10 Amy Carter: Gîte owner, cyclist and all round Mrs positive lady

For the finale of Season 1 - already!!?? I talk with the lovely Amy Carter who moved to France in 2018. She opened a gite - Le Bezy - with her husband James and then 6 months later lockdown happened. She tells us the process of setting up a gite in France and we talk about what it’s like to live and work with her husband. They are both passionate cyclists and it allows them to explore their new home and also meet new people.

Amy talks about their love of the French way of life and how they always planned to move here - even if they didn’t really speak French. The more seasonal rhythm - generally in France and with a gite - and they are now able to be entrepreneurs and create their own life / work balance.

We cover veganism and finding vegan cheese in the land of traditional cheese, rocket yoga and becoming a yoga teacher. Amy is sunshine incarnate and I hope this conversation brings you some warmth and laughter!

Karen French

IG / FB  @iamfrenchpodcast

Amy Carter

Website: Le Bezy

IG: @amy_le_bezy_pyrenees

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Amy Carter talks gites, cycling, learning French and meeting friends as an adult and an immigrant in France. She's all smiles and it was such a laugh to chat with her. Enjoy!

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