S1, Ep 7. Amaka Azuka @sugarhammock

Amaka Azuka is a vegetarian Londoner who’s been in Paris for over 8 years. She teaches English, she’s a food photographer and when I found her IG page I knew I wanted her on the podcast.

Amaka knew that she would live in Paris from the age of 12 and even failing her French exams didn’t deter her to bring her dream to life.

We chat about how she started photography, how being a vegetarian in Paris has gotten easier and we look at France v England, Paris v London and city v countryside. Amaka said she never wants to get into comparing places as though there is somewhere perfect. I couldn’t agree more.

We talk immigration and perceived immigrant status (in England) and how being ‘new’ to a country can encourage self reflection and perspective about ourselves and in Amaka’s case, her parents’ journey.

I am French is hosted by Karen French (yup, that’s my real surname)

Interweb info:

Karen French

Website  www.karenfrenchinfrance.com

IG / FB  @iamfrenchpodcast

Amaka Azuka

Website: sugarhammock.com

IG: @sugarhammock

Selected Resources from this episode:

  • Get Amaka’s fruit crumble recipe here
  • The film My big fat greek wedding info

Also, Listen to my interview on the ExpatFamilies podcast here.  All about my immigrant and parenting journey - in French! I talk about being a step mum, becoming a mother and how I ended up in the middle of nowhere in France. Turns out it's home!

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