S1, Ep 5. Alex Barron @frenchinplainsight

It hasn't escaped me that it’s been all ladies so far (and there are some lovely gentlemen coming up in future episodes, I promise.) So here is our first man!

Alex Barron, who found his love of French in... Australia, would you believe, joins me to discuss what we can encounter when we embark on learning a new language: Perfectionism, ego, trust, looking silly & getting it wrong, the language plateau, acceptance and setting goals.

We discuss his coaching and online courses that offer tools to deal with the frustration and to build confidence. We chat about language and class, the Acadamie Francaise and how learning a language is, “a marathon not a sprint”.

I am French is hosted by Karen French (yup, that’s my real surname)

Alex Barron

Website Frenchinplainsight.com

IG @frenchinplainsight

French in Plain Sight You Tube channel

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French coach and ex-Londoner now lives in the South of France offering online courses to help French learners overcome their frustrations and flourish in their French speaking.

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