S1, Ep 4. Ajiri Aki @madamedelamaison

Ajiri Aki hails from NYC, via Texas and Nigeria and after settling in France 9 years ago with her Swiss-German husband, 2 kids came along, she started a business and she now sees herself as a ‘lifer’ in Europe.

Ajiri joins me to talk about her struggles in her early days in Paris, how she made friends along the way and how bringing people together is at the heart of her business @Madamedelamaison.

We also talk about language, the complaining - ours as expats and the French - and what ‘home’ means along with pregnancy, parenting bilingual kids and vacationing French style.

‘The pace of life and business is slower here’, she says - it’d have to be coming from NYC!- and that has helped her juggle being a parent and a business owner.

Ajiri shares her experiences with honesty and humour and the hour we chatted for flew by. I hope you enjoy it.

Ajiri Aki

Website Madamedelamaison.com

IG @madamedelamaison

Selected Resources from this episode:

  • Designer Jean Patou. Find out more here.
  • Book: The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker
  • Toni Morrison quote: "Home is memory or companions &/or friends who share the memory. But equally important than the memory & place and people of one's personal hoe is the very idea of home. What do we mean by 'home'?"

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Ajiri Aki joins I am French to discuss her French life and how her 9 years in Paris have changed her.

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